What is a hair toner & why do i need one?

Toners personalise your colour, can add shine, control brassy tones, and can emphasize or de-emphasize specific tones. They can brighten or add a new dimension to your hair without making it lighter.

Let us share with you a little more…


When your hair is bleached/ lifted, the existing pigment is being removed. This is where the toner comes in! After lifting, the toner is used to add in the customised tones to your hair, be it anything from icy to golden, or even pastel. Without the toner, your hair can be left with an underlying brassy yellow tone, so it really ends up as one of the most important parts of the colouring process, transforming your colour to do away with the unwanted tones, and giving it the personalised dreamy tones that truly sets your colour apart.


As they aren’t a permanent colour, toners generally last up to six week, though this depends on various factors. Previously uncoloured hair tends to grab colour far easier than heavily processed hair and this is the reason there’s such a range of different shampoos for home colour care. To ensure you’re able to maintain your desired colour for as long as possible between appointments it’s vital to have the correct shampoo to use at home to upkeep your specific hair tone.

Tip: Washing your hair everyday will cause your toner to fade quickly, so, without your hair getting too greasy, the longer you’re able to go between washes the longer the toner will last


No matter your hair colour, toners can be used to refine and personalise your hair tone, even if your hair is uncoloured, which can add a brilliant high gloss shine to it.

Mainly, toners are used for tone correction enabling you to achieve that specific icy blonde or warm brown, however, acid based toners are also amazing if you just want to maintain your natural colour but add a beautiful high gloss to it without affecting your natural colour.


Between shampoos and conditions containing toning agents, and stand alone toners that are mixed in the salon, there is a large difference.

Professional colourists use a great deal of colour calculation to work our and select the correct toner colour for you, so it’s something we strongly advise you avoid attempting at home, unless you have good experience with toners and colour correction knowledge. It is by far best and safest to stick to just using the toning shampoos and conditioners. We give this advice strongly because if the toning process goes wrong, it may be something very tough to rectify and may lead to ultimately costing you more with the needed emergency hair appointment.