Our Space

Our salon design was based on the concept of an urban jungle: a homely, relaxed atmosphere set within  beautifully rustic, botanical surroundings.


Inspiration came as we thought of the type of environment that could create an escape for both our guests and staff from the bustling city, to help reduce the stresses of London life.


We individually selected each piece of wood from a reclaimed wood yard to ensure that the entire salon interior is as unique and diverse as nature itself. From bespoke natural wood styling tables and mirrors, to the coffee bar, colour bar, reception and wall panelling; every piece of furniture has its own story to tell.


The salon is filled with a vast range of living plants, and aside from them creating the ‘jungle’ city escape vibe we were trying to create, you might still wonder why plants? To us, they are the perfect companion – they grow and evolve with us and are a part of our story and journey, of which we’re excited to share with them – and you.