What is balayage?

Balayage is a freehand hair colouring technique which allows for blended sun-kissed natural-looking hair, adding movement and more dimension, yet with no harsh or obvious re-growth lines.   

The balayage pieces can be applied to any base colour in a multiple of shades to your preference, and unlike traditional foil highlights that lighten hair with the same level of lightness from root to tips, balayage is a painted highlight technique which, although still applied close to the root, provides a very soft natural colour at the root, blending to progressively lighter at the ends.

What does it look like?

Balayage is all about a more grown out and ‘undone’ look and is far more low maintenance than regular highlights, so not requiring you to need to rush back to the salon every month.

It is perfect for those who can’t come into the salon regularly to maintain their colour, but still want to have colour in their hair. It grows out gracefully and, because the shades are closer to your natural colour, it will lighten naturally over time.


If you’ve ever been worried about having stripy colour after a visit to the hairdresser’s, balayage is a sure way to avoid that harsh contrast between colours – especially if you’re going blonde.

For perhaps the best balayage in London, look no further – with our team of specialists you’re in the most skilled hands and ensure you likely leave others with serious ‘hair-envy’.


All Out Balayage – This is the most popular balayage service at Cult and Bloom. It’s for those who haven’t had their hair coloured before or haven’t had their hair coloured for a few months. This look can be created with a mixture of foliage or free hand colouring techniques and is perfect for anyone wanting a ‘just stepped off the beach’ sun-kissed blonde look, or a ‘bright all-over’ effect.


Touch Up/ Partial Balayage – This service is for if you’re looking to have a smaller dash of balayage, or looking to refresh balayage you had done not so long ago (within the last 6 weeks), by bringing it back up a little higher.

It’s great if you’re wanting to try out a little bit of colour, say, to frame your face, or to highlight specific areas of your hair, and add lighter and/ or darker hues to enhance facial features, such as eyes and cheekbones.


All Out Balayage + Baby Lights – The ultimate cover-girl colour. This service is for those who want to go the full monty and have most of their hair brightened. It has more colour saturation, higher lift and gives a look that is lighter than an all out balayage.